The Good Lord Inglip knows how awful my blogging habits are these days, but I’ve been forced to create some content on a monthly basis over on the PBS Idea Lab blog. Turns out, deadline pressure makes everything better!

My latest is a (micro)manifesto about why microgrants a la the Awesome Foundation are important in the context of community revitalization, a topic that’s been continuously on the brain since we started doing fieldwork out in Detroit. While the $1000 microgrants may seem like just a junior league version of more typical grants, I’ve realized that there are actually many strategic benefits to going smaller rather than larger. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that many other organizations in Detroit had come to the same conclusion. I’m hoping, as we continue to work in Detroit, that we’ll develop strong rapport with all of these organizations, and that together we can become a microgranting ninja army that disembowels civic problems.

Here’s the post in its entirety. I hope you enjoy its smorgasbord of mixed metaphors (funding bulimia, gateway drugs to community involvement) and its unfortunate, fascist, and confusing lack of Oxford commas.