I came across this stuff while digging around the internet for my thesis (yes, I think of thesis research as a hunting-and-gathering kind of process. Yes, there is definitely war paint involved), and was reminded of Ethan Zuckerman’s idea for an atlas of globalization. Thanks, Ethan, for pointing out the beauty and value of these maps!

Telegraph Lines

1891: Telegraph Lines

Internet Backbone Cables

2004: Major undersea Internet cables

I love how, because of the different legends used in the two maps, it looks like the connections around Africa/the Middle East/”the third world” have remained unchanged while infrastructure has gotten fatter and fatter inna di north. Inaccurate in actuality, but basically what’s happened proportionally anyway.

Idle, unscientific, unresearched musings, but that’s what you get at the end of the semester. Now all that’s standing in between me and “Senior Spring” is this thesis!