Flickr tells me I uploaded 1676 this year–and I’ve definitely gotten pickier about what to upload. So, picking the following 10 photos was hard. They aren’t the best 10 pictures, but I think they capture the year pretty well…

Rios and OE in the elevator, February 2008

Alternative Spring Break, March 2008

8 AM prep for ROFLCon Registration, April 2008

Davone playing in the pool, June 2008

Hammock during the summertime, June 2008

On the road in West Virginia

On the road in West Virginia, July 2008

Telecommuting from Colorado

Telecommuting from Colorado, September 2008

Fred at the National Free Culture Conference, October 2008

Friends celebrating on election night, November 2008

Dad stirring the hot pot, November 2008