So I was on Twitter during tonight’s debate, plugged in to the global network a la Charles Xavier with Cerebro, when I noticed a strange disturbance in the force. Namely, that there were more pro-McCain tweets than usual. And that some of these comments sounded really…uhh…fake? And were coming from the same accounts? So I started checking out the profiles of people who were pro-McCain.

Obviously there are republicans on the internet, and most of these accounts were just that: people with real profiles and histories and friends and snarky remarks, just pointed in the other direction. However, a few accounts seemed more than a little sketchy…
I found 7 accounts that had been created either tonight or on the date of the last debate, who had 0 or very very few followers/following, and who seemed to be having serious repost issues. Of course, I have no proof that any of these are actual astroturf–they may very well be exceptionally predictable people who were mavericks and decided to join Twitter for the sole purpose of talking about the debate despite not having any friends. Shit, maybe they’re even jokes that are over my head. But I’ll let you be the judge: (I’m offended on behalf of the state of Ohio)
And my PERSONAL favorite (The name, the really generic updates…hypoallergenic for sure?)
Hey, if you find this post because you own one of those Twitter accounts, please let me know you’re a real person. Until then, I have to say…ASTROTURF FAIL.