I guess I haven’t talked about my involvement with ROFLCon too much on this blog, but I’m going to try to summarize it right now. It has consumed/is still consuming my whole life since October. Because of it, I’ve seen the wrong end of the sunrise every day for the last two weeks, and it is STILL the best thing I have ever done. (Warning: the rest of this entry is more than a little self-congratulating and possibly incoherent.)

I’ve been with ROFLCon since Day 1 because it was born from a little joke between Tim and I (isn’t that how the best and worst things always start?) These days, I mostly function as a volunteer coordinator, ROFLConcert organizer, and ROFLCondoms-obtainer (you think I’m joking? I’m not joking), but because the staff was (and still is!) as small as it was we all worked on basically everything as needed. My prouder moments are from working on getting memes to attend: getting to contact (and successfully rope in!) long-time heroes of mine like Group X, Rooster Teeth, Leeroy Jenkins, and OCRemix was really, really awesome. But in those days, we sort of didn’t realize that it would, you know, actually happen. We wanted it to, we just thought there was no way we would actually get our shit together.

BUT WE DID. And I couldn’t be prouder.

And now, 700 people are due to converge on MIT’s campus over the next two days because of us. We have representatives from almost 50 internet memes, 7 awesome academics, almost 50 volunteers, and more press coverage than I can shake a neon green twisty straw at. The Weekly Dig did an entire issue as a tribute to us (David Day, you’re a crazy man). We’ve been mentioned in Wired, the Washington Post…everywhere except BoingBoing, really =P We are, simply put, awesome. Even if the shit hits the fan (*knock on wood*) in the next 72 hours, we are STILL awesome for the amazing amount of work that a couple of silly Harvard kids were able to do in such a short time. ROFLStaff, I LOVE YOU!

If you’re interested in learning more about the thoughts and ideas behind ROFLCon from the mouths of ROFLStaff, you should definitely check out Xiaochang’s interview with us on the C3 blog. (Side note: I want to be cool like Xiaochang when I grow up.) If you are unable to attend but want to stay updated about how the con is going, bookmark the webcast and the Flickr photostream and the Twitter. If you’re coming to ROFLCon, I leave you with a (digital) hug, the same advice I’m giving all the other attendees and myself, and a cup of Brawndo to make you uncomfortably energetic:

Take a deep breath. You’ve made it!

Congratulations and welcome to ROFLCon. We can’t believe this is actually happening either.