Don’t expect these too often…but for today, I feel like sharing lots of things.


LCD Games – Prehistoric Edition :: Youtube
Really frickin cool compendium of very old-school games.


Barack OBollywood :: Ethan Zuckerman
This is way awesome. Just…just watch it.

Mike Gravel – Rock :: Ethan Zuckerman (Good day at Berkman, apparently)
Mike Gravel, ex-presidential candidate, stares down the camera and then drops a rock into a lake. There are no words for this level of crazy.


Mariah Carey ft. Damian Marley – Cruise Control :: from Yawd From Abroad
Con: Damian Marley, you are so talented and you’ve made so many good songs, so why do you keep collabing with crazy U.S. has-beens divas? Pro: Mariah Carey says “ting”–epic lulz. Hot mess.

Badman Commandments (and Vol. 2) :: Heatwave
Gabriel Heatwave has listened to hundreds of dancehall tracks to collect all the instructions on being a good badman. My favorite: “Badman don’t drink Snapple.”

Mavado featured in GTA IV ad :: HearingTest
Apparently, Rockstar loves Mavado’s music and he’s recording some tracks just for the game. Anywayyyyyy

Political Dancehall

DJ Green Lantern – We Need Barack ft. Mavado & Barack Obama :: Wayne&Wax (the linkthink champion)
Mavado redubs his On the Rock for Barack…!?!