I noticed the other day while waiting for the shuttle that Harvard’s shuttle shelters are manufactured by Brasco, Inc., a company specializing in “passenger waiting shelters, smoking shelters, covered walkways, canopies and other outdoor protection shelters.” In Michigan.

A quick Google reveals two other leading bus shelter manufacturers: Duo-Gard (also MI), PortaFab (MO), and SheltersDirect (MD). Isn’t it crazy that the closest bus shelter manufacturer is in Michigan? And that it’s such a specialized industry that no one closer can make them for cheap? And that there was someone on the Harvard payroll explicitly in charge of finding the best bus shelter for the buck? And how did people do this before the internet??

In an only tenuously related move, I unsubscribed Boing Boing from my RSS reader. In a world with small mysteries like Michigander bus shelters in Cambridge, I’m officially giving up on trying to keep up with the whole thing.