Sorry for the lack of updates! Since the Ru Paul joke, I’ve:

* Taken exams
* Recovered from taking exams
* Went skiing for the very first time!
* Went to Philadelphia and New York

and some other stuff that was really productive, I promise.

Like working on ROFLCon, the biggest crazyfest this side of Youtube. It’s been going really great–we found a venue for the concert and parties, and are now just rooting around for better venues for the actual conference and more sponsorship $$.

Indeed, I even got interviewed by Joel Warner of the Denver Westword about ROFLCon! Joel wrote an article about Leeroy Jenkins a while back and was instrumental in helping me contact him about the conference, so he’s already way high on the cool list. And now a piece on ROFLCon in which he calls something I say “Harvard deep”? Extra credit!