So I was taking another ill-advised break from paper writing when I found a subtle little change on Facebook and felt the need to take an even-more-ill-advised-break from ill-advised-break-taking to blog about it.

I remember when Facebook first rolled out with the status thing, it seemed to be encouraging you to type out where you were or what you were doing. Therefore, it let you complete the sentence “[Your name] is…”

Quickly, however, people appropriated the crap out of the status and started using it for announcements, random thoughts, cool quotes, and whatever. The “is” became not a logical part of the sentence but rather something that had to be worked around with awkward grammatical contortions. For example, “Christina is needing more than just one extra hour, kthx.” (real example!) instead of just “Christina needs…” It was kind of something people got used to, though. Often, the “is” was just ignored.

No longer!



 Actually, I’m not quite sure how or why this DID come about. There’s no explanation on the Facebook blog or anything, which makes sense since it IS such a subtle change and definitely not as important as the Beacon fiasco. But I’d love to hear the story if you happen to know it!