In Boston, there is a big building called the Prudential Center. The biggest, in fact, which is why the top floor of the “Pru” is a pay-to-enter observation deck called the Skywalk. Now, because I’ve never really felt like shelling out $15 just to go look at the other side of the precipitation, I had no idea what wonders lay there. But today, I was informed.

Apparently, it is a magical land where two guys dressed as immigration officers on separate TV screens spit knowledge at you about the citizenship test! Please watch so that you can have the education I could never afford! I think the only thing that could possibly make this better is if the two people involved were Rick Astley and Tay Zonday.

But seriously, like, WHAT? Apparently this is supposed to be part of an exhibit about the immigration process, but why here? Why rap? Why the multiscreen?

“Are you crazy, violent, or running away?
Are you trying to enter illegal-ay?”

(Edit: Fellow Pfohoser James Fish points me to this excellent…commercial? by a big media company in Singapore. Rap is clearly the new corporate black.)