You may think that I messed up because I didn’t post yesterday, but in fact, I totally posted–at this other blog. SO THERE!

That said, today was pretty cool. We (Harvard College Free Culture, that is) hosted a roundtable discussion about effective public spaces with Christine Harold, author of Ourspace, which ended up with a really solid turnout and some interesting discussion about spaces. It was great seeing some faces that I hadn’t in a while (hi Wayne!), but there were also a lot of newcomers to the FreeCulture circuit, which is always great. A lot of the comments made that really hit home for me revolved around this basic argument that I had read in an article last week–when you purposely create a public space by setting it aside, what you are implying is that all the space around it is intrinsically not public. However, when your “space” exists because of (or as??) appropriation by a public that really feels the need for the space, the message is much more powerful. All space is public if you, the public, want it to be. This is really pretty important to keep in mind, I think, as we move forward with the Shared Cultural Space project.

In other news, I also: touched base with Chris C about what I should be researching for the Center for Future Civic Media, talked with my sculpture professor about life, and waited with my blockmate to see if he would be Harvard University Band’s next drum major (and he will!) A day less full of work than I prefer, but full nontheless, so I go to sleep content.

Oh wait, no, I definitely still have work to do. Curses!