This is sort of a cheap shot, because I don’t really have anything in particular to say except an amalgamation of brief thoughts on American Gangster and HRDC’s production of The Art Room, both of which were really amazing. However, maybe this will be interesting to readers who know me but not all the shenanigans I involve myself in…

1) Harvard College Free Culture, my first true organizational love at Harvard. Free Culture is an organization that seeks to discussing, raising awareness of, and taking action on certain changes in society that come about as a result of technology. Much of what we do focuses on the changing role of copyright, but that rather boring-sounding phrase actually manifests itself in a multitude of different ways. Interesting things that FC has done include the Sharing is Daring art show; the iRony iPod Liberation Party; the Digital Disobedience panel on technology, art, and social activism; and the Free Thesis project. It is through this group that I have met a lot of my favorite Cantabrigians, rubbed elbows with numerous internet celebrities, and finagled a ridiculous amount of free food, so I basically owe it my soul.

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2) The Bow&Arrow Letterpress, a letterpress in the basement of Adams House. Yes, a letterpress, as in movable type, Gutenberg, and all that. Given that the rest of my life revolves around the internet, it’s extremely weird to come into the letterpress and coat my hands with lead and ink as I have continual revelations about the power of computerized word processors (I mean, underlining? Alignment? Picture wrap??) I really love working in the press, and if you’re in the Harvard area you should drop by to one of our open presses and make something cool!

3) Present!, which basically involves doing silly artistic things with Tim&friends. Present!y, one of the projects that I am really involved in is “That Thing,” a bi-weekly artistic gathering where we bring supplies and people bring creativity and we all have paint-covered fun. A pretty great time is had by all. Also, we do Dance Conspiracy, which is good fun as well…

4) H-Bomb Magazine, yes, THAT H-Bomb Magazine. I’m on the staff that’s working on revitalizing this amazing institution at our often-times-not-so-amazing institution.

5) ROFLCon. Not an official extracurricular by any means, but I just thought that anyone who might be reading this HAS to know about this amazing project.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in getting involved with any of these things, do let me know!