Continuing in the trend of “Christina being bad at taking care of her living things”…

I got a Betta on Monday. It’s pretty! It’s feisty! It’s been totally abused for the last 24 hours oh my God I’m so sorry fish =( =(

You see, I didn’t think to read a guide on taking care of lovely simple Betta splendens until now because they are usually advertised as the “easy” fish. Then I came home today and found my fish with lots of stress lines and unhappy looking. Turns out, I am doing everything wrong! Oh no!

1) Bettas are not supposed to be place in direct sunlight–my betta is on my windowsill. Oops.
2) Bettas do not like the cold and prefer above room-temperature conditions–my window was open. DOUBLE OOPS.
3) Do not use gravel in a small bowl–my bowl has gravel =(
4) Slowly adjust the fish to its new water temperature/pH–dumped it right in.
5) Do not give the fish too much food–I did because I noticed it just ignores the excess food, but it turns out that food left over will just rot and pollute the water.
6) Flakes are the worst type of Betta food–I have flakes.


I feel bad for the children I’m going to have in the distant future already…