I’m always ever-so-curious about subcultures, and when I first came to Jamaica I vowed that I wouldn’t leave before trying to find “the rock scene” here. I mean, plenty of Americans listen to reggae, so SOMEONE must be rocking out in Kingston, right?

We found some false leads (“Rock” is sometimes used to describe everything that’s not reggae/dancehall/hip hop/R+B) and some unexplored possibilities (Heavy metal Mondays at the Hilton? Hmmm…), but last night I got what I was looking for. It was our friend Steve Wilson’s Tuesday Nite Live at the Village Cafe in Liguanea, and they did a pretty good job of rocking out.

The Village Cafe was actually way more packed tonight than any other night that we’ve been there. It makes sense, since the expat and foreign crowd that frequents Village is more likely to enjoy rock. It was pretty awesome to see Jamaicans and foreigners rock out together. At one point, people even started doing the two finger gun salute usually used at dancehall events to applaud the performers–I guess it’s the thought, not the exact arrangement of fingers, that counts.

I got there pretty much only in time to hear the last band–Crimson Heart Replica, AKA Katherine, an awesome pink-wing-sporting, mohawked Kingstonian woman with a fantastic voice and tremendous stage presence. And a pretty awesome back-up band. Squished in the front as I was, I took about a lot of pictures that I’m actually pretty pleased with.

If you want advice from an amateur untrained photographer who’s into messiness, here it is: if you’re taking pictures at night, and especially if there are lights and fog and all that awesome atmospheric stuff going on, use both flash and a long exposure time (I was using 0.5″). The flash will capture your subject, and the long exposure will make the image have more depth and capture all the motion trails and smoky light that make concerts really pretty to the human eye. I think my biggest problem with flash is that it washes everything out and makes everything too still, so this trick helps neutralize that effect for me. Then you can try stuff like zooming while the exposure is being taken, and have lots of fun.



Wheeeeee! \m/