I bet you all know what my favorite letter is. X, of course. X. Ecks. Ehhh…kssss. Sehcksy letter, isn’t it?

X is an underrepresented letter. It lives in the alphabet ghetto, tucked between its two slightly more middle class neighbors W and Y. When playing Scrabble, X has a bounty on its head of 8 points, second only to Q and Z.

X sounds like SeX. EXcept seXier.

X is found in latex and hex. X is found in Lexus and xylophone. X is found in vex and relax. X can be found in every pixel. X lounges in the North of Mexico.

X represents sex. X X X. We can find X in you or me. XX, XY.

X is pronounced like Z when it starts most words, like ECKS when it ends a word, and in words like arXiv it’s pronounced Chi, like in Greek. In my name it is pronounced Shsssss. X is fleXible.

X is mysterious, mutable, metaphorical. X represents the unnamed, the unremembered, the undetermined. X is eXploratory and eXperimental.

X is an abbreviation for Christ; X is an abbreviation for Ecstasy.

X is the name of several films and comics. X is the name of the graphical window system I am using. Everyone loves the X-files.

X is the X-men, X is the X-ray. X marks the spot. X means 10 in Roman numerals.

XXXX is a beer.
XXX is porn, a bad Vin Diesel movie, and a reference to Amsterdam.
XX is a female.
X is awesome.

Do you have an X in your name?