I haven’t posted in forever, I know, but I have many things I would LIKE to post about…it’s just midterm season =(

But I think this is important.

Tomorrow is, according to some agency that decides these things, Love Your Body Day. Fantastic idea for a day, don’t you think, for a nation that has been working so long to do just the opposite of that?

For example, check out this video, by Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty — it’s a very frank video about exactly how the powers-that-be manipulate our idea(l) of beauty so they can sell more products, not caring how many insecurities they stir up in the process.

Beauty != Makeup that hides your face
Beauty != Stylists that imprison your hair
Beauty != Clothes that are supposed to redefine who you are
Beauty != Photoshop airbrushing
Beauty is…

You! Your body! Your face your smile your strange little quirks. So tomorrow, when you get out of the shower (if you decide to shower =P), wait a few minutes before putting your clothes back on. Stand in front of a mirror and be proud of what you see. Stare into your own eyes and smile at yourself. Run your hands along your body and get to know it just a little bit better. Spend some time staring at what you like best about yourself. Ooohhh yeah. Then blog about it. Take a beautiful (according to you) picture of yourself and put it on the internet. Inspire someone else to love their body.

And stop being such a prude, for your own sake. Share that beauty with everyone else =)