Dear MBTA,

I love you. I love you very, very much. Without you, I would have a sad time walking to MIT all the time, nor would I have access to the beautiful plethora of food that is scattered all over Boston. The Red Line is like the sister I never had, etc., etc.

Sure, you’re inefficient and you break down all the time, sometimes stranding me in Boston Common for an hour. Sure, during the winter the “emergency shuttle fleet” runs probably more often than the actual subway. But you’re a public transportation system. All that is to be expected, and I’m from Ohio so I don’t have very high expectations for public transportation anyway.

Then came along this stupid Charlie Ticket thing. You take all this trouble to renovate EVERY SINGLE STATION (but not all of them at the same time! Oh no, there has to be the longest, most awkward transition period in the world) so that they can read these cards. Except, all of the token-operated rotating things also read cards–monthly passes. Why didn’t you just rewire/reprogram the monthly pass card readers??

It’s supposed to be convenient, I guess, but it’s really not. The machines are much slower than going to a person and getting tokens, and the cards are hard to use for first-timers who don’t know that there’s a “correct side”. The doors have weird sensors so that they don’t open at an intuitive time, and sometimes close on your stuff/foot/ass. Worst of all, since we’re still in the transition period, about half the stations *only* take tokens while half the stations *only* take cards…which makes me a sad panda.

I wouldn’t even really care about all of that, though, if it weren’t for the fact that you’re spending ridiculous amounts of moneyon all this reconstruction. Why, oh why, can’t you just use it on other things? Things people actually want, need, crave? Things like the Kendall Band. Two out of the six handles for the public art/musical instruments in Kendall Station are broken–why can’t you just fix these so I can play with the chimes again??