So, a toy company in Sweden released these toys a while ago–adorable renditions of our favorite bodily functions, Pee and Poo.

But I feel bad for the other bodily secretions. How unloved they must feel! Therefore, strange Swedish company, I am waiting. I am waiting for Vomit, Sweat, Spittle (put on nightcap to become Drool!), Earwax, Gooey Eye Stuff, Semen, Menstrual Blood, and, of course, Vaginal Discharge. It’ll make a great line of toys, and it’ll make everybody more comfortable with the weird things that come out of their body. So come on, DO IT for the good of the kids even if the names aren’t so catchy =P

P.S. One of Boston University’s ad series profiles their summer school students with posters placed on the T. One such student is named Michael Thill. If his nickname isn’t “Thilly,” I’m going to be so disappointed with the world.