Why do people always compare love to cherries and strawberries?

Cherries are really sweet, full of sugar. Too sweet for me, really. Kind of sickening sometimes. I think if I ever felt love like that, I would do to it what I do to cherries now–freeze it.

Strawberries are also sweet, a little bit tart. Do people really like love for the way it makes them cringe a little? Strawberries are usually eaten with whipped cream or put into a smoothie, anyway–is that what you want to be doing with love? Covering up the flavor or grinding it into little bits?

No, I think love is like grapefruit. If you decide to peel it, you have to work hard for it, peeling off all the inner skin to avoid most of the bitterness. If you eat it with a grapefruit spoon, sometimes it squirts you right in the fucking eye. The fruit itself is sweet, and a little bitter, but the flavor is so addictive that you’re willing to swallow the bitterness anyway.

Although, granted, they *do* have this for grapefruits now. Wish there was an equivalent for love.