I was typing up this long biography of my life and explaining everything about my personality in long complicated prose…and then I closed my browser window.


But I think it’s for the better. Now I can start over with a short, concise list. I don’t believe in simplifying myself for others, but I do believe in drawing out my general shape through plotting specific, meaningful points. So here goes.

#1) I’m careless, clumsy, and make bad decisions with my bad instincts. Case in point: closing my browser. If we’re walking somewhere, you mysterious reader you, keep in mind that if you ask me where something is and I point down one road, we should very probably go the other direction.

#2) I’m a newly converted hippie of sorts, and I’ve expanded my horizons a ridiculous amount since coming to college, but I’m not open-minded. At least not initially. I judge people and events quickly, but usually I’m willing to take it back if other evidence surfaces. In any case, I have no pretentions of being a completely fair and universally loving person, but I think that those who believe they are (and are not, because who is?) are in a worse situation than I.

#3) I am totally and completely a Web 2.Ho. Flickr, del.icio.us, Boing Boing, and Reddit run my life. According to someone who would know, they contain the entirety of my personality. Actually, I love the internet in general, the way other people love dogs, or stamps, or whatever their hobby is. I love the internet for what it is, and what it can be, and certainly what it has done for me. I’m a bit idealistic about it, to be honest.

#4) I’m a translator at heart. I only speak two languages with any semblance of fluency (Chinese and English), but I like to think I can understand the minds of different people and how they operate, and as such can translate a concept efficiently from one person to the next, or from one field of expertise to the next. I do this with liberal (and sometimes completely crazy) use of analogies.

#5) I don’t make decisions. This was the highlight of my last, ill-fated post, so it certainly bears repeating. All my life, when anything important has come up, I have declined to make a decision and have instead opted to embrace both options in an awkward manner. Instead of choosing one college like mere mortals, I’m managing a split existence at both of Cambridge’s finest complete with two rooms (sort of), two sets of friends, and two facebook accounts. Instead of picking between humanities and sciences for my major, I’m going to do Computer Science and hope to get into law school with that, somehow. Instead of picking chicken or shrimp at the Japanese Steakhouse, I always get the combo.

#6) I feel like I have completely not lived life to the fullest as of yet, and so I’m overeager to try new things. Case in point: I’ve never programmed in my life before =)

#7) Words like “intellectual property” or “DRM” or “open-access” or “proprietary” or “alternative licensing” or “free culture” make me really excited. Also, words like “Snakes on a plane”, “*insert any food-related word*”, and “Finnish symphonic metal”.

#8) I like to change all of my negative emotions into anger, and then vent the anger by drawing furiously on post-it notes while listening to either heavy metal or asian pop.

#9) I really, really, really like to eat. Like, a lot.

#10) I’m always the “pants-wearer” in relationships, partially because I went to a crazy all-girls high school which turned me into an Amazonian gluttonous beast. Ironically, we all graduated wearing white wedding dresses, carrying a bouquet of roses, and looking perfectly angelic–until I decided to ditch my shoes at the end.

So, yeah. That should be enough to draw out a rough outline of who I am. More posts (and rants (and raves)) later, we hope!